Sunday, 4 March 2012

February Top Picks

Now I feel like my blog has become a bit more established, I thought some new varieties of posts might be nice to mix things up a bit.  So alongside any reviews I write, I'm going to do a monthly pick of my top 5 products, and some other top monthly things too.  Also, I wanted to send smiley 'hello's and 'thank you's to the new followers I've gained recently!

February's been an odd month this year; normally it's cold and depressing, but this month has seen freezing and sun bathing.  It's also seen the beginning of a couple of big university projects, so there's been lots of thinking this month!  Here's my February top picks:

1.  Skincare Product:  The Body Shop Mattifying Day Cream

Long name aside, this face cream is my daily moisturiser and helps to keep my crazy skin under control.  I blogged about it here, and explained my love for this day cream.  My oily skin ruins my make-up on a daily basis; this day cream helps to prolong my 'made up' face.  I wouldn't say it's the best moisturiser however, and if my skin is particularly dry I need something a little stronger.  But for it's primary purpose, this wins me over every time.

2.  Hair Product:  Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

I've been using the Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist since I was in school (many moons ago..) and although I've occasionally deviated, I've always come running back.  I love the smell, it doesn't leave residue in my hair, does what it promises and doesn't cost the earth.  I use this every day and can't see myself using anything else.

3.  Make-up Product:  Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick #08

Blogged about here, I expressed my love for this lipstick.  You may think I'm joking when I proclaim I wear this every day.  I'm not.  It's transferred to every hand bag I use and applied every morning.  The colour is perfect, it smells lovely and the staying power isn't too bad either.  I also don't find I need to apply lip balm as much either, which means I can have deep rosy lips all the time instead.  Hooray!

4.  Tool:  Origins Facial Brush

I spoke about this here.  I've been using this for pretty much all of February, twice a day, without fail.  I'm still not sure on the cleanser to use with it, but for the time being a Clean & Clear mild daily wash is doing fine.  My acne is getting better in leaps and bounds, my pores look better and my skin looks clearer too.  I don't find brushing my face too strenuous to need an electric one just yet either!

5.  Wildcard:  Elegant Touch Flawless French Manicure

My original blog about this was in December when I bought the kit for my mum for Christmas (here), and this month I purchased a set for myself.  I've found the trick with these is to apply lots of top coat and if the corners begin to lift, glue them back down before they catch on something!  Mine lasted well over a week and still looked beautiful when I took them off - only because I wanted a change.  My nails were a bit dry and ragged when I took them off, but needless to say, they weren't weak and had grown loads!  A wonderful alternative to acrylics/gels and look just as good.

And just a few other favourites from February that are less make-up related...

T.V. Show:  Grimm

I cannot stop watching this programme.  Although it scares the living daylights out of me, it's absolutely brilliant.  New to the UK for February on Watch, it seems to really have gone under the radar.  But I can assure you, this is not one to miss!  Think detective/thriller with a heavy supernatural theme, accompanied by the perfect amount of jumpy moments and horror film tactics, this one's a real winner for me.

Music:  Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Lana's album was received with mixed reviews and some saying it was depressingly boring.  Despite this, I think it's a great album and keep listening.  Who can ignore her sparkly tooth and amazing fashionably relaxed outfits?

Read:  Parrotfish - Ellen Wittlinger (Amazon link)

I read this for my Queer Literature module and couldn't put it down.  It's a young adult novel, so easy to read, but gives a direct insight into Grady's challenge in changing from 'girl' to 'boy' whilst juggling family pressure, high school and friendships.  The novel raises lots of issues that'll leave you questioning how we view society and what actually denotes someone as 'man' or 'woman' and why.


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