Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It all works out in the end..

I have the kind of hair that's fine, fly-away and gets really dry on the ends.  It's the kind of hair that's hard to grow because the ends get so dry they keep needing to be chopped, which is so aggravating!  I went on a mission to find products which would keep the ends of my hair moisturised and soft, and reduce the need for chopping.  For months I've been using Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Protection Cream, and later began using Vo5 Miracle Concentrate.  The Herbal Essences really surprised me; I just could not get on with their shampoos, which left my hair 'squeaky' clean, which goes right through me!  Yuck.  But the Protection Cream is absolutely wonderful.  It's around £5 for a bottle at Boots (on offer at the moment for £2.55!), but if you catch Superdrug on a good day, I've bought it for under £2 there before (and bought 2, obviously!)  The bottles last ages because you need one little pump of product on damp hair - I'm still using the first bottle I bought months ago.  And if it isn't testament enough, both my sister and best friend were religiously using this before I was, and was recommended it by both of them!  Vo5's Miracle Concentrate smells gorgeous and leaves hair super soft/shiny; but I can't use it every day, as it doesn't moisturise my ends as much as the Protection Cream does.  However, both these products are absolute staples in my routine in my quest for long hair!



  1. I love trying hair products Im going to try these out! Great bog,now following! xoxo

  2. This sounds like my hair,love the vo5 hair oil,may have to try the protection cream too...

    Ashlie x

    1. It probably is the best product I use on my hair! It's one of those holy grail ones for me.. xx