Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Round Up #2

Phew, this week's been another hectic one with uni!  Sadly this has impacted on my blog writing, so I'm feeling really guilty.. It doesn't help my internet went down yesterday so I couldn't post my LIVE Color XXL Foam review.  Stupid thing!

This week has been a little beauty-centric despite the workload.  I've been avidly list writing new post ideas, so hopefully these will come into fruition sooner rather than later, and I'll have lots of new posts to add on here.  I've also been trialling another variation on the French mani - I've posted about the matte & shiny version - but these past few days I've been sporting a coral and purple one.  Very fetching!  So I'll maybe mention this one at a later date too.

I've got a bit of an update on the DIY facial brushing I've been doing for around 4 weeks or so now.  Last week I used a new foundation which left me with a bit of a break out after a couple of days, but now I'm not so sure that part of that hasn't just been the purging stage that so many facial brushers go through!  I've had some huuuge pimples appear on one side of my chin and jaw, whilst the rest of my face is smooth and spot free.  I think this seems typical of the purging stage, so I find it interesting that it seems to have happened in double the time that most people have with the electric brushes.  I'm just hoping that once they disappear they won't come back!

To compliment my new complexion, I've actually been enjoying wearing tinted moisturisers this past week.  Applied with the RT Buffing Brush, my No7 Dual Protection tinted moisturiser (I know the current version is the Triple Protection, I'm considering purchasing with my last No7 £5 voucher) gives a lovely light coverage.  I'm squirming to buy the Laura Mercier Oil Free tinted moisturiser though!  Can I justify £33 on a barely there foundation?

As a little add on, I've been thinking more seriously about entering the Race For Life this summer.  I've considered doing it for a few years, but this year is quite monumental (graduating, mainly..), so I thought "why not?"  Anyone who knows me is more than aware that I'm unfit and overweight, so committing to exercise is monumental in itself.  I unfortunately lost both my maternal grandparents to cancer, and late last year had a scare with my paternal Grandma, not to mention the reams of others I've known who've fought against the awful disease (some lucky, some not so lucky).  I've roped my sister into my plans for the 10k run, so hopefully this summer I'll be doing something for charity whilst also getting fit.  I'll update at a later time about this...



  1. I need to try the No7 tinted moisturisers, I think I have got £5 off voucher in my wallet :) 
    ps. you look gorgeous! x

  2. Personally I think they're worth it for light coverage - the Boots website has lots of avid fans raving about it on their reviews too. :) And thank you, that's really kind of you! xx