Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Steam Room Facial

Throughout my teenage years rubbish teen mags always boasted how wonderful steaming your face was, opening pores, ridding of spots, yada yada.  I find putting my face over a bowl of boiling water quite frustrating and boring, just sitting there at the dining table veiled with a towel, hunched over like Quasimodo.  But I do however, like health suites.  At your local leisure centre they're not too expensive, and my, a real steam room doesn't even compare to a bowl and a towel...

Over the past couple of months I've been visiting my local leisure centre for their health suite and a swim, and in conjunction with my skin care routine, it's added an extra oomph to the clarity of my skin - not to mention how wonderfully relaxing it is in the steam room and sauna, especially when lovely people bring along a few drops of eucalyptus oil ;).  Before I go I always cleanse my face with Liz Earle C&P and a flannel, and whilst in the sauna I'll often give myself a facial massage (check Caroline's instructions, they're very useful!).  I ensure that the steam room is always the last place I visit before getting changed (as open pores + dirty swimming pool water makes me feel sick!), then I rinse my face to make sure it's not sweaty.

Once I'm home I usually use Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil; I put around 4 drops in my palm, rub it between my hands to warm it up and release the aromatic scents, then gently swipe it across my face and down my neck.  It I wasn't totally relaxed, I am after this bit!  I associate the herbal smells of the oils with relaxation and bedtime... ahhh. 

The oil is usually enough for my skin, so I don't need any other products before I get into bed.  And when I wake up my skin is clearer, plumper and any spots/scars have dramatically faded.  I love my weekly steam room facial!

Note: I can't promise your local leisure centre will look quite as swanky as the steam room photo I've provided!  And they probably won't provide massages either..