Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nail Wraps & An Apology

Umberto Giannini Nail Wraps - part of the Glam Hair Fashion Kit

I've finally got round to using these nails wraps after buying them in the Boxing Day sales, and then leaving them at home whilst I ventured back to uni.  I thought it was about time I gave them a go, and being the first nail wraps that I've tried, I found them surprisingly easy!  I have a few crinkles and bumps, especially around the edges of the nails, but getting them completely flat was the hardest part for me.  I've slathered Sally Hansen's Double Duty over the top and edges in hope the wraps will have a longer life, but we'll see.

And the apology.  I've not blogged in so long that I genuinely feel guilty every time I think about it!  After moving back to Manchester a week ago I've been both extremely busy with settling in/housework and enjoying being home.  The glorious weather has had me out, traipsing around the South Pennines with the dog (or my Dad), and generally soaking up the countryside.  It's so nice to be back!  I will try to be more active on here...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Round Up #10

A present from the boyfriend.  I also realise how much this photo makes this post seem a lie...

I can't believe Sunday has come round again!  This week's been incredibly uneventful; I went to the cinema on Wednesday to see the new Avengers film.  It fulfilled the criteria of the 'action movie', which was enjoyable, but I found that the storyline left much to be desired really.  I prefer films that make you think, but it was an afternoon out, so I'm not complaining!

I've been trying to be a lot more healthy this week - trying to eat a big portion of salad at least once a day, and by salad, I mean a big bag of mixed greens.  It's going well, and I'm actually starting to enjoy it too.  I've also been researching health food supplements for ladies with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, as we tend to lack quite a lot of important vitamins and minerals which keep bodies healthy.  Plus, with unstable hormones being the main cause of the symptoms, I've been researching the best supplements to balance them.  In a few months when I've trialled and hopefully seen some positive results, I'll record the best and worst - mainly for my own future reference!

The time has also come to move home too, so this weekend has been all about packing and getting ready for the trip.  I'm really not looking forward to all the sorting out I have to do once I get home; it's like a monster just waiting for my return...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Clarifying Hair With Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo (500ml) - £4.99 (250ml version pictured)

I've never really had a problem with product build-up, but the past few weeks have been a nightmare.  My hair's been getting greasier quicker and needs washing more often than I care for.  It's also meant my scalp's been feeling quite uncomfortable and itchy.

My scalp is completely flake-free, so it could only be a build-up of products causing the discomfort.  I purchased a bottle of Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care shampoo in hopes it would sort my hair problems.  It has.  The eucalyptus oil is kind of tingly/soothing on the scalp, and I imagine it would really help those with particularly itchy heads.  It smells nice too, which as I've mentioned before, is such a defining factor for me!

The best part?  I've woke up today with bouncy hair that looks like it's just been washed.  Hurrah!  Head & Shoulders is renowned for stripping hair of nasty build-up, and that's exactly what it's done for me.  But be warned, I've heard using the non-colour protect versions on coloured hair can result in the colour being stripped!

Friday, 18 May 2012

You Sexy Mother Pucker!

Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Gloss (7ml) - £9

I wasn't too sure on Lana Del Rey when she first burst onto the scene, and I'm still not completely sold.  I do however, like her style.  And her mouth.  There's something so alluring about lips.  This is a new fascination of mine, and last Christmas when I bought S&G's Big Splendour gift set (for myself...), I cast aside Sexy Mother Pucker declaring it far too sticky for my liking.  But since my new obsession for giant lips has surfaced, so has Sexy Mother Pucker.

Now, this is still incredibly sticky, no matter how you look at it.  With hair as wild as mine, and the UK weather almost certain to blow leaves and flies at your face, Sexy Mother Pucker will result in sticky hair and bits on face.  But there's another certainty too.  Big lips.  Since the formula is so gloopy and thick, it lasts a really long time after application.  So that's maybe the only plus point to such a sticky gloss.

Sexy Mother Pucker cannot be worn over other lip products and still create the plumping effect, so it's SMP or nothing.  I have the shade Candy Gloss, which is politely pink with subtle glitter, which act as reflective particles to make lips look bigger.  Upon application, there's a tingling sensation.  It's not offensive or painful, like I've heard other lip plumpers to be and it also doesn't give trouty mouth.  The gloss raises the fine lines out of your lips, which is actually quite a nice effect in my opinion - just subtly larger.  I like.

Sexy Mother Pucker is good for reasonable plumping, and high pressure weather conditions (no wind).  I can't imagine using this tube so much that it runs out, so I won't need to repurchase.  I'd probably look at other lip plumpers that aren't sticky glosses...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Avon Glimmersticks

Avon Glimmerstick in Blackest Black and Saturn Grey - £6 each (now £3 on offer)

Avon Glimmersticks have been around for quite a while, and as an all-round, good quality eye liner it's little surprise that Pixiwoo have mentioned them a few times too.  My mum sent me a package a few weeks ago containing 'blackest black' and 'saturn grey', so I was so excited to try them out and got on with it right away.

There's a lot of things I love about these eye liners, and the fact that I reach for at least one shade every day is testament to that.  The formula of the eye liners is firm but creamy enough to make application incredibly smooth without the sticks snapping (although winding excess stick up would snap it!)  There's no dragging either, which makes using the eye liner so much easier than others that I own.  I love that there's no sharpening with these as well - just twist the stick up, and down again - so there's never wasted product.  I've also found that they take a really long time to wear down, which is surprising since they're so creamy.  The packaging is also pretty smart; neat plastic casing, a lid that clicks on and the 'twist' section is almost half the tube, so no fiddling.

The formula is waterproof, which although it won't last after washing your face, it does take a bit of effort to really get it off.  Because of this, I use it for my upper and lower waterline.  It does transfer a little, but I've found it to have much longer-lasting capabilities than the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On liner that I've used for years - Avon's Glimmersticks do not end up half way down my face, so I'm very glad for that!  The creamy formula does smudge if you rub it hard enough - it's not as 'fixed' as a liquid eye liner, which has its positives and negatives.  I much prefer using a pencil to a brush though, and the colour is pigmented enough to look just as dramatic.

I am somewhat confused over the 'glimmer' in the name 'Glimmerstick'.  My 'saturn grey' liner does have a shimmer in the product which, despite what the swatch photo tells you, you can't see it on your eyes - and 'blackest black' has no shimmer at all.  They both apply quite matte on me.  I'm not complaining, as I don't want sparkly eye liners any more anyway, but some might find it a bit of a let down.  But overall, I love these eye liners and choose them over any other that I own.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Get Scrubbing: Pulp Friction

When my sister began raving about Soap & Glory, I was pretty nonchalant.  So many brands are released on the high street, with many varying in quality, that I find it quite difficult to become excited by them.  When I finally got round to trying out Soap & Glory with the Big Splendour Christmas gift set, I finally began to get excited about the brand.  I absolutely adore everything from the packaging - the colours, images and names - to the smells of the products.  Smells are so important for me, so to really love skincare, it's got to smell appealing!  Pulp Friction, I should note here, smells different to the 'classic' Soap & Glory smell that everyone loves so much in Hand Food (blog), Clean On Me, The Righteous Butter, Mist You Madly, etc.

Soap & Glory really hits the nail on the head for me with Pulp Friction.  The scrub is one of the best, maybe even the best that I've ever tried.  It's a clay-style paste which, becoming slightly foamy with use, is so easy to spread it all over your limbs without needing to keep applying more - bonus!  The pumice, which I presume is the particles, is abrasive without dissolving, so you could probably over-scrub if you're not careful!  But it means that you can really buff your skin with the single application.  Of course, the harshness of the particles means it's not suitable for your face, since facial skin is so much more delicate.  But it's amazing for the rest of you!

I probably exfoliate more than I should because I just love, love, love the smell!  It's described as 'fruitigo' - citrus, woody and fruity.  My sister isn't keen on the scent, but for those of you who like 'Womanity', or a more heady fragrance, this is one for you.  It's deep, rich and addictive; my sister called it 'manly', since I guess the undertones are similar to masculine fragrances, but personally I love that depth.  And best of all I can smell it on my skin all day.  This is one I definitely will be purchasing again - I even prefer it over exfoliating gloves these days.  Maybe because it smells so good I could lick my own arms... But that's worth £8, right?

My Pulp Friction was part of my Big Splendour set, but I left it at home when I moved back to uni, so I've only just got round to using it!  After lots of scrubbing, I've still got half a tube left - a little goes a long way, and the tube is huge.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Round Up #9

I thought I'd give you all a giggle with this Sunday's photo.  I'm not the kind of blogger who loves layering on the slap for a special weekly photo (well, not every week anyway ;) so I thought I'd share this little beauty with you!  I went out on a (rare) night out with uni friends on Friday and persuaded my boyfriend to come out with the girls.  Yes, that's my boyfriend in the photo for those of you who didn't know.  Complete nutter, right?  That's why I'm with him, I'm nearly as much of a crazy, it's just rarely photographed.  This photo just makes me laugh every time I look at it though.

There's not much been going on this week really.  I've been job hunting and watching 'Smash' - amazeballs!  It's a definite watch for anyone who wants a 'grown up' Glee...

I've also joined Caroline ('s bandwagon to Save The Flannel.  I've been using them with my facewashes/cleansers twice a day and I actually think they're tons better than muslin cloths, so I'll probably post about the difference soon.  The acne is slowly getting better because of them - although some of you may have read my Tweet today that I've got a horrific spot, which has since doubled, literally, into another spot.  Bloomin' great!

I also wanted to just say a HUGE thank you to the followers I've gained recently!  It's so lovely and humbling to have any readers at all, so I'm thankful to all of you for taking the time :) xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray

I first tried Sanctuary products at Christmas when my Mum bought me a massive gift set of body pampering treatments.  I was a little hesitant at first, since I'd not really heard much about the brand, but within one session of scrubbing, washing and intensive moisturising, I was in love.  The brand is very on point - luxury at home; you can find everything, from everyday treatments right through to real spa-style pampering, for every part of your body.

I also love tiny products, and saw this in the 'mini' section of Boots.  For £2.50 and '3 for 2' running, it seemed a perfect time to trial it.  The Body Moisture Spray is actually like a dry oil mist; it smells divine, like all the other Sanctuary products I've tried - a smell which I cannot describe, no matter how hard I try!  All I know is, the smell is so delicious, I can't stop sniffing it.  I find this is also the perfect solution to my dislike of the laborious task of applying body cream.  It takes around a minute to spritz over my limbs and torso, quickly rub it in, and with it being a dry oil, there's no residue and it's soaked in fast enough for me to get dressed.  Now I don't have to feel quite so guilty about moisturising my face religiously, and ignoring the rest of me!  My skin overall feels so lovely and soft all day too, and I feel like the benefits of the sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E are evident.  There's a lot to be said for these oils!

I've used the Body Moisture Spray for around a handful of uses so far, and I've got half a bottle left.    Since this is a travel/test it version, I don't think that's too bad!  I actually purchased it for a weekend away, and it was perfect for travelling.  I've definitely enjoyed using it so far.  My only gripe is the mineral oil - I prefer not to use it as part of my skincare routine, and don't really want to on my body either.  But considering the price I probably shouldn't complain too much!  Despite that, I'd definitely consider buying the larger version and ditch all the body creams!

Boots' website also boasts good reviews for the Therapists Facial Oil, so I'm thinking about trying that next. Has anyone tried it?  Or can recommend another facial oil for dehydrated combination skin?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trash or Treasure?

I love empties posts!  It's one thing having a list of things you've purchased, but when you've actually used them up your opinion of them is so much more important.  And of course, whether you'll repurchase them too - hence treasure, or trash.

Tresemm√© Ultimate Hold Hairspray - I love Tresemm√© hairspray, maybe it's the size of the can and value for money when Boots have it on offer, but I always repurchase.  I always find their hairspray delivers too.  Sometimes my hair can get a bit over-coated in the product, especially after a night out, but I'd rather have firmly held hair whilst on the tiles than a cavegirl-esque barnet!  This was the first time I'd bought Ultimate Hold, and found it quite similar to the other 'strong' hold ones.  So yes, I'll repurchase, but if they don't have this specific one in stock, I won't worry too much about buying an alternative!

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo - These bottles don't seem to last me very long which is frustrating.  I don't think the shampoo does anything incredible, but my hair both smells and feels nice after using it, so if it's on offer I wouldn't say no to buying more.  The conditioner, on the other hand, I love.

Clean & Clear Truly Gentle Facial Wash - I bought this ages ago and thought it was time to use it up, so apologies for the bottle looking horrid!  It's very gentle, with the gel wash having no exfoliating particles.  I did find that it left my skin quite tight and dry, but it worked well with a facial brush since it lathers up just enough to wash properly with.  Without the facial brush I really struggled with it, as my face never felt clean enough.  I won't repurchase, because I don't think it works well enough for me - I need more hydration.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser - I really like this moisturiser.  It doesn't stop my oiliness, but the salicylic acid really helps to unclog pores and keep skin looking clearer.  Being a cream I also found it quite moisturising, although maybe not hydrating enough for my skin.  As you can see, I cut the tube open to use it all up, I liked it that much.  I'll repurchase again, but it just bugs me that I need to use a primer with it too.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser - Love this stuff!  You only have to look at my Twitter photos to see I purchased about eight of these when they were on sale in Asda.  I use it every night before bed, and sometimes during the day if my lips are really dry.  Fixes everything!

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm - This isn't as good as the Blistex for me, and the price comparison between them isn't great.  I do like it, but I'd prefer to use Blistex Intensive any time, as I don't think Carmex is hydrating enough for my lips.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - I love this stuff.  I will definitely be repurchasing when it's next on offer!  My hair feels healthy without being coated in silicones after using it.  I also think this is one of the reasons my hair is beginning to grow, is healthy and the ends aren't splitting.

Blink Contacts Soothing Eye Drops - I discovered these last summer when my manager had laser eye surgery and the doctors prescribed these drops.  They are literally at the top of their game, you will never find better.  I get slight hayfever and my eyes become dry, so as a contacts wearer it becomes quite uncomfortable.  I've bought about 3 bottles of this so far - each lasts me a few months - and I've never looked back!  These drops made me realise how badly dry eyes affect vision.  I can now see properly, hurrah!

Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer - I enjoyed using this, although I'm not sure how much good it did for my acne.  I prefer to use a mattifying moisturiser now, instead of moisturiser then primer, to lessen the 'layering' under my foundation.  This primer does make a nice base for make-up, but I didn't see any real effect on spots.  As a gel, the consistency is quite light, applies easily and you don't need much either.  I probably won't repurchase.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Round Up #8

Just squeezing a quick Sunday Round Up in before it's Monday!

1.  UNI IS OVER.  £25k worse off, a wealth of knowledge gained.  This needs to be underlined around 30 times and in triple bold print for the importance it holds for me.  I now have to find a proper job.  NO!

2.  This week's been very strange, it's hard reverting to 'doing nothing' after being on the edge of 'super stressed' since September.  This is literally the first time I've had no work to do since my final year began... no holidays, no time off.  Life is feeling strange; good, but strange.  So I've spent most of the week trying out some new make-up and skincare products.

3.  I also bought two aztec print vests from the New Look sale (one is in the photo).  For the both of them it was only £8 - love sales!  I'm just gutted I left my NL gift card at home with £2 on it.  Go to NL, the sale is impressive.  Lots of summer pieces I noticed, which I found odd.  Are NL predicting that summer is already over?

4.  I arrived back at uni this evening from a whirlwind few days in London.  For my boyfriend's birthday I bought him (read: us) tickets to the Royal Philaharmonic Orchestra's Film Gala at the Royal Albert Hall.  All very royal.  It was an amazing evening!  I'd recommend going if you like that sort of stuff.  It's just made me miss playing music SO MUCH.  We also popped to the cinema to see 'American Reunion' with my boyfriend's best friend this afternoon.  It was nice to chill out and laugh - although my lovely boyfriend kept telling me off for laughing too loudly in the cinema.  What!?  It's a comedy!  I can't help having a hearty laugh.

5.  'Once Upon A Time' is my TV programme of the week.  Loving it.  I'm addicted.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Power-Up With Red Nails

Models Own 'Garnet' (Promotional w/ Jacques Cider)

I mentioned in my April Favourites post that I've been on a nail polish ban for a month - using only Sally Hansen Double Duty, if anything.  My nails are so much stronger and the splitting has stopped.  I don't think polish is bad for nails, per se, but chipping and polish remover is quite damaging on mine.  So now that it's May I've begun with a bang!  I love bright red nails, I think they make me feel just a little bit empowered.  There's something so statement about red nails.  And of course, just to ensure they were even more over the top, I added a glittery ring finger as well.  Perfecto!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

April Favourites

I've become an avid reader of Caroline's blog,, and decided to crack this out after leaving it lying around and only a handful of uses.  I use this on days I've not exfoliated, and I've found it is actually very good at bringing up all the dirt in my skin.  It doesn't contain menthol, which I love, as although I use a cheaper alternative more often, the menthol drives me nuts.  This leaves my skin feeling super clean without the 'tingle'.  I'll definitely keep using until it's empty.

I've been using this for nearly a year now - the same bottle... and I'm still a huge fan.  My hair has been questioning me about the next 'big' salon cut, but as money isn't great at the moment (woes of a student), I keep telling it to be quiet and leave me alone.  I keep using this, along with hair masks, and it's just keeping the ends from drying out and splitting.  Godsend, really!  There's often deals on this too, which make it superb value for money.

With crazy skin I realised I needed to try a new 'everyday' foundation and gave in to the hype with this one.  I'm so glad I did!  At first I had problems with it going a bit patchy throughout the day, then after reading Caroline's blog, I realised my skin was so dehydrated with the environment sapping the moisture out of my face, that it was slowly drinking my foundation throughout the day.  Ew!  So with more hydrating moisturising, this has become a very good foundation, it's the only one I use, in fact.  And it smells like fruit when you put it on.  Yummy!

Rave, rave, rave.  That's all I ever hear about the buffing brush!  And rightly so.  It's wonderful, up for anything and so soft.  I use mine for application of liquid foundation, but also found it can also be used for mineral foundation too.  Best thing I've ever bought.  Maybe.

I got this in my Liz Earle Christmas gift set with C&P and didn't really know what to do with it.  I'd never really been told how to cleanse, tone and moisturise properly.  After becoming a skincare obsessive (I'm trying to balance my skin without medication), I began to spray my face with this after cleansing and before moisturiser.  It's quite herbal-smelling and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.  It 'soaks in' within about 30 seconds too and helps to rehydrate my obviously very thirsty skin.  I look alive after using this!

TV:  Hart of Dixie - New addiction.  Rachel Bilson looks incredible in this programme, and her outfits have me drooling in envy.  I just wish I could be her, to be honest.
Book:  Fun Home by Alison Bechdel - Touching graphic novel/memoir.  Every time I read it my heartstrings are plucked.  Amazingly talented, Bechdel created a jigsaw of her younger years to tell us the story of herself, her father and their complicated sexualities.
Nails:  None!  I've been on a nail ban all month to strengthen them up.  They're looking much more lovely now.  Hurrah!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

5 Steps To Beautiful Hair

1.  Get Naked
No hair dye, no bleaching.  Healthy hair is virginal.  The chemicals and bleach contained in products that change your hair colour damage the cuticles and mess with its arrangement.  Hair extensions that cost the Earth are virgin hair - this should tell you how healthy virgin hair is.  Of course, if you suffer from the large amount of greys that I do, getting naked isn't so easy, unless you fancy the 'Oh these? No they're not expensive streaks dahhrling, these are my own!'  But if you can go naked, do it.  Or semi-permanent it, I believe these are less damaging.

2.  Wear Protection
Everything damages hair, from brushing, to heated styling, to weather.  We just cannot win against the hair damagers, they're out to get your mane whether you like it or not.  The best thing you can do is collect things that are going to act like MMA fighters against all these elements; almost every hair care range does some sort of protectors.  Find the best ones for your hair type.  If it's dry on the ends, use a cream protector, but a weightless spray is good for the rest of your head.  Use them everyday, your hair will thank you.  Preventative protection in the form of conditioners is also useful.  The stronger and healthier hair is from masks and treatments will make it braver, or less dry, so straightening won't turn your ends into short-and-curlies.  Yes, I've had that before too. Naaice.

3.  Be Dirty
No matter how much you love the feeling of clean hair, I can guarantee your hair doesn't feel the same way.  Washing your hair daily makes it very angry, because all that time your scalp has spent producing nourishing oils to make lovely, healthy hair has been stripped away by foamy chemicals.  Dry shampoo is kinder to hair, so if you can manage this in between washing, your hair will be very thankful.  And really, who cares if you've got bed hair.  Some might actually find it kinda sexy.

4.  Go Au Naturale
As mentioned, heat styling crisps ends, splits them and snaps them off.  This is not a way to get beautiful hair.  Cutting out the use of styling tools will do wonders for your hair, even if it's just by half.  I didn't even know I had curly hair until 3 years ago when I stopped using a hair dryer and straighteners religiously.  Embrace your hair's natural beauty, leave it to dry (or at least turn your hair dryer to a cooler setting!) and skip the straighteners/curlers once in a while.  You might actually find that your wild mane is exceedingly cooler than you first imagined.  And if you realise that the crazy hair is not quite your thing... just use protection!

5.  Trim It
This is a fatal mistake that so many make.  Not getting your hair cut at all just means that those split ends you've accumulated will continue splitting... right up the strand of hair.  Split end trims will equal shaved head before you know what's happened and people will start to question whether you've pulled a Britney, or are just a huge fan of Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta.  Many say that hair 'loves' being cut, and makes it grow.  This doesn't have logic, as hair has grow patterns (youtube it); however, cutting off the manky bits will mean that as your hair grows, the ends won't be falling off.  It'll be healthier and therefore longer (if you're trying to grow it, anyway).  Trimming it doesn't necessarily mean hairdressers costs - my sister hacks off my ends with the kitchen scissors, and I do her's.  We often wear our hair wavy/curly so blunt ends aren't needed.  I'd rather have no split ends than be putting it off because I don't want to fork out the dollar.

These are basic points, but points which I go by nonetheless.  So take my offering of sterling advice, dodgy photo and titles that made me giggle, and run, my pretties.  And don't forget, healthy hair is the sort that grows.  Mine was above my shoulders in November, it's a slow, curly grower, but it's healthy!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The 'I Want It' List

Like every other person who likes nice things, I've always got a mental shopping list of things that I'd quite like.  It's just a case of being able to pay for them all.

1.  La Roche-Posay Effaclar H.  Recommended by Lisa Eldridge, this is perfect for those of us with problem skin that's been beaten to an inch of its life with prescribed medication.  I'm really paying the price at the moment for years of stuff 'advised' by doctors.  I'm now realising that was their easy way out, and my skin is now ruined.  Effaclar H could be the one to help me.
2.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  Yes, yes, I know.  The hyped product of the moment.  I'm just embarking upon the skincare vessel and I'm pretty sure that I need this in my arsenal, since it's a toner and a serum in one.  Very useful for dehydrated, upset skin like mine.
3.  Thierry Mugler - Womanity.  I got sent a little sample spray of this in the post after I signed up for one over Facebook.  I wasn't sure how much I would love it, but sprayed it on anyway.  I'm not kidding when I say this is the nicest perfume I've ever worn.  I need the biggest bottle money can buy.
4.  Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.  This being something my Mum uses, I've seen the effects up close - and they're impressive!  You don't need much, and use it in cycles, so a little goes a long way.  Though maybe I'm just trying to justify the price... Either way, I'm pretty sure it will fix my acne scarring, help with any new acne and get my skin to a good place.
5.  Clarins Lotus Oil.  Oil for combination skin is surprisingly effective.  This is expensive, but there's enough testimonials online to vouch for the beautiful skin this gives.  It contains all natural oils to help balance and rehydrate the skin.  I could probably say I need this too.

So lots of skincare this month, with a little bit of fragrance thrown in.  This very much emulates what I've been thinking about recently - repairing my skin, keeping it healthy, and of course, smelling lovely!

All images from the linked-to websites.