Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Get Vanillary!

I have to confess, this isn't a new Vanillary... I've had it quite a while (I've probably used about half of it), but it lives in my handbag at all times for on-the-go, scented moments.  I'm always the 'you never know' kind of person; you never know when you'll need to smell nice!  I usually wear perfume, but if I forget I'll always have Vanillary on hand.

The tube is a lovely, portable size with a screw on lid.  There's no worries that it'll spill in your bag, or the lid will fall off and get product all over your essentials; in short, I think it's wonderfully practical.  You push the stick up from the bottom, so there's no fiddly mechanisms either - and it can be pushed back down too.  

The smell is for the the lovers of cupcakes, sweet things and vanilla (of course).  It's really gorgeous.  I usually rub this onto my wrists and find that it's enough to make me smell beautifully yummy all day.  It literally lasts until you wash it off - it's lovely going to bed with the scent of vanilla sending you off into the land of nod!

Vanillary is incredibly priced for the quality; I'll never be without it!

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