Monday, 12 March 2012

Smooth Talkin' Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

Luscious lips; the envy of all. No matter who you're facing on a daily basis, they all see your lips. If your lips are dry and scabby, it's likely they'll be looking at them in disgust and not listening to anything you're saying. Luscious lips are therefore extremely important.

For £4.95 Lush has provided the perfect solution. Lip scrubs are sweet and tasty lip exfoliators, perfect to use before balms or lipsticks. I don't use my lip scrub as often as I should, and I think the main problem for me is that it smells (and tastes) like Snow Fairy. I just can't help but feeling like I'm eating shower gel! Plus, it's very, very sweet - I probably should have bought a different flavour!

The pot last absolutely ages though, there's a whopping 25g of sugar and oils in the jar, and you can choose from Bubblegum, Mint Julips or Sweet Lips; or buy one of each, of course!  

You just dab your finger into the pot (maybe not the most hygienic..) and scrub over your lips, then lick off the excess.  I know some people use an old toothbrush or just normal sugar to exfoliate lips, but I love that the little glass jar that means Lip Scrub is portable and non-messy!  The oils contained in the Lib Scrubs are also moisturising, so they're basically dual purpose.  Perfect for puckered, kissable lips, whether you're wearing them neutral or layering on the red lipstick for SS12.


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