Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Graduate Life

So this past week has seen me looking like this:

And this:

Since being a newly graduated ex-student, interviews are quite important affairs.  They're the hour or so when, if you do well, can help define the rest of your career, and stop you watching Supernanny US and Judge Judy (I pine for my first year when this was my morning's viewing).  I know on the interview attire photo I'm bleary eyed and stare-y, but this was the best of a bad bunch.  I don't photograph well, clearly.

However, I'd like to announce that due to my smart appearance, (bleary eyed-ness) and maybe better interviewing skills than I once thought, I'm now a graduate with a full time job for a company that I like very, very much.  So all in all, I'm very happy.  I've bought a new, very expensive handbag to remind me I shall not be another graduate joining the queue at the Job Centre for the foreseeable future.

Hip hooray!


  1. Good for you, hun- congrats! You are inspiring. I myself have been a part of the sometimes awful interview process, and it's such a great feeling to score a job you love. xx

  2. Congratulations on graduating and the job! I'm currently jobhunting excessively, so it's inspiring to see people getting where they want to be :) x

  3. Congratulations and good luck with the job hunt! ;-)

  4. Thank you lovely! It's very hard to keep cool in interviews, isn't it?! xx

  5. Aww thank you for such a lovely comment :) Good luck with your job hunting!  It's so daunting! xx

  6. Thank you - but I don't need to job hunt any more ;) xx