Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Acid Mouth: Barry M Lip Paint #52

Some days it's nice to wear ridiculous lipstick, as long as the rest of the face is not also looking quite so 'out there'.  Barry M Lip Paints certainly don't disappoint with their range of shades, from the most frightening corpse nudes (yes, I cannot pull them off without looking zombie-esque), right through to the acids of the lipstick world.

Lip Paint #52 is one of those.  It's neon pink, it's matte, and it takes a brave face to wear this one out with such pride that people stare in admiration, rather than staring and wondering what the hell you've done to your mouth.  Conveniently, Barry M have named this shade 'Shocking Pink'; it definitely can be a shocker!  Because of its consistency, it's not particularly easy to apply and tends to drag on the lips.  When on, it's not moisturising either, so you need to be prepared for drying if you're brave enough to try the neon look.

A little definitely does go a long way though, and the more you layer it on the drier it feels... It's definitely not the easiest lipstick to wear, but it does bring a little bit of fun to a dull day!

Here's a ridiculously silly one for you too.  No face, thankfully!