Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sally Hansen's Long, Strong Nails

Sally Hansen Double Duty - £4.16 (at Asda)
Essie 'Cute As A Button' - £7.99 (at Boots)

Can you believe this photo shows just a week's wear of my new Essie polish?  I always paint right up to the cuticle, so you can see how much my nails have grown!  I know there are a few bubbles on my thumb (I'm not sure at what point these appeared, I don't usually get them!), but I have no wear on my tips at all.  As this is my first Essie polish, I think I can safely say that I'm now in love with the brand.

My nails have been quite weak for years; I suffer from splitting, and tend to find my 'most used' fingers (index, middle) experience the worst splitting/breakage out of all my nails.  At Christmas I began to square my nails, and had them like this for 3 months until the splitting began again.  I had to cut them really short and have been gradually regrowing them.  I've been using Sally Hansen's Double Duty since then, and my nails are rock hard.  I'm not even kidding! I put this down to Sally Hansen's protection, vitamin supplements and using a glass nail file.  I know everyone talks about OPI's Nail Envy being the bees knees, but honestly, I'll be rebuying another bottle of this when mine runs out!


  1. Wow, gotta get some of that sally hansen then! I also have weak nails that seem to break just at the worst time!! :/

  2. Essie is obviously the polish to buy! Even my OPI polishes only last around 4 days, they do this weird cracking all over the tips of the polish :S I have such weak nails too, especially from work where you can only work the tils by pressing with your nails so they get a lot of wear and tear - obviously need to get my hands on some Sally Hansen!



  3. Your nails look so lovely! Lovely post xo

  4. This looks great! Lovely blog

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  5. I must try Essie nails polishes! That's a lovely shade. My nails are really weak too, might try this Sally Henson stuff as I was considering getting the O.P.I polish so it'll save me a few quid! xxx


  6. Me too, it drives me crazy! Using the Sally Hansen continually seems to have made the world of difference :) xx

  7. I used to work on tills too, my nails would always be ruined by the hands-on work :( I always used to find if my tips were weak/flaking then polish would shatter too. Cutting them right down, filing with a glass file and regrowing them squared, with Sally Hansen, seems to stop the weakened tips! xx

  8. Thank you, I was stood at the Essie stand for SO long trying to pick just one shade! And give it a go :) I wear it continually under and over polish, and on its own if I'm not wearing polish. Whatever's in it seems to be good! xx