Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Round Up #4

It's a bit of a belated Sunday Round Up this week as I was busy at the library until around 8pm, phew!  I watched Die Hard 4 with my house mates over dinner... surprisingly enjoyable!  Although some moments are completely laughable.  Uni work, however, is in overload at the moment.  I have enough weeks to do everything, but I still get a little flustered none the less.  Sometimes it's hard to juggle everything, even though I know it'll all work out fine!  I can't quite believe my degree will be over soon though... Aargh!

I guess I don't really have any news this week: I've been trying to eat better, so I think I'm starting to conquer my tiredness... but I went out on Thursday with friends so catching up on lost sleep has been a priority.  It sometimes worries me just how much I love sleeping!  I don't know if it's the change in diet or just hormones, but my skin has been worsening this week.  Acne has certainly been the bane of my life since I was about 12 - it just never stops, even with medication.  What's most aggravating is that I'm having my photo taken on Tuesday for my university course, to go in next year's prospectus.  It's therefore a decision between being blotchy or caking up in heavy make-up.  I don't know which will look least offensive!

But one week to go until the Easter holidays, so I'm keeping chirpy.  I just keep thinking about how much I want a tortoise. :)

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