Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Head Over Heels Is Back!

But for how long?  Topshop's make-up range changes as regularly as its clothes (probably), which means loved products are soon taken off the shelves to be replaced by newer, on trend shades.  Thankfully, it seems the 'Head Over Heels' cream blusher is gracing the make-up stand once more!

I've spoken about Topshop cream blushers before; in short, they're fantastic.  Slowly, cream blushers are making their way onto the shelves of high street brands, but don't always boast the longevity and pigmentation that Topshop's have (although I have heard good things about NYX cream blushers, which I hope to purchase soon!).  The photo really doesn't do 'Head Over Heels' justice; it's got coral-ly undertones that compliment the pinkness perfectly to give a natural, blushing look, rather than anything too heavy - it's quite similar to 'Neon Rose' in tone, but is much lighter, for any of you who found 'Neon Rose' to be a little too, er, neon?  Although, as with all cream blushers, you can build them up to get a stronger colour.  Even so, 'Head Over Heels' is a perfect shade for spring/summer.

Many seem to avoid cream blushers because they seem more complicated to apply than powders, but in fact, I think they're much easier to work with!  Topshop's blushers dry to a powdered finish, so once you've blended in with fingers or a brush, they don't look sticky or creamy.  Plus, the formula allows you to blend the blusher into the skin without feeling like you're just layering it on, which powder blusher sometimes does.

If you don't have this blusher in your collection yet, I'd definitely advise a cheeky purchase because you never know when it'll disappear again!


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