Thursday, 23 February 2012

Get the London look

We're told this on every Rimmel advert by Kate Moss, and I've been to London quite a few times.  I still don't know what the London look is though.  I do know, however, that I LOVE this lipstick.  I always thought that I had to jump on the nude lip bandwagon, but I did a reassessment a few days ago.  Somewhere in my bloodline there's another race, there has to be; I've got dark hair and eyes, skin with a year-round tan (no, it's not a fake one!), a flat face and big lips.  Everyone thinks I'm foreign.  This, for me, means a nude lip looks ridiculous.  I probably couldn't look more stupid than I do with a nude lipstick, because my lips are rosy pink, and nude makes them paler.  Cue the 'darker' nude lip!

The consistency of Kate #08 is beautiful; the perfect amount of creamy, moisturising, pigmented goodness.  As you can see, it's like a blushed rose pink colour, with a nude brown undertone in there.  It's a great 'every day' lipstick that lasts for several hours.  I like to keep topping it up anyway, but even after mocha and a baguette it was still there! It's not shiny or shimmer, but it's not matte either - it's got a sleek glow to it that makes me love it so much more.  When I wear this, I kind of feel like I have those 'bee stung' lips that are forever talked about in romance novels.. well, a girl can dream!

The Kate Lasting Finish lipsticks retail at £5.49.  Worth every penny!


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