Friday, 17 February 2012

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream.. to the Rescue!

Like many young people, my skin is combination.. and erratic.  Acne comes and goes with the pull of the moon and the tides (or something as equally obscure) since I have no idea why my skin acts the way it does.  There are quite a few moisturisers which claim to keep oily skin at bay, but frustratingly for me, the ones I've tried seem to be oily and creamy.  This is not good for skin that's oily to begin with.  I began using The Body Shop's seaweed mattifying day cream around new year, and have used it almost every single day since!  You know you're a fan of a product when on the occasional 'day off', your skin looks like you've had an olive oil facial.  That's when you realise just how effective the product is!

Although it doesn't completely stop oily skin, it does a very good job at reducing it.  Usually, after about 3 hours after putting on make-up, my T-zone has oil seeping through it :(.  With this under my primer, I barely notice it.  And my favourite thing about this moisturiser is that it's a gel; which means my skin is oil free/not shiny, and the gel formula means a little goes a long way.  Hurrah!  The Body Shop currently sell this for £9 a pot, which isn't so bad considering my pot probably has two-thirds left after using for a month and a half.  Oh, and the fact it smells nice too - kind of 'clean' and almost cucumber-y...


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