Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Storage junkie

So something you may not know about me is that I'm a huge storage junkie; well, storage and stationary.  So for me, places like Paperchase and WHSmith are like a haven.  It drives my boyfriend insane, and can't comprehend how I can like pens and notepads so much.. However, I thought I'd show you my new purchase from Laura Ashley for WHSmith.  I'm redecorating my bedroom at home in black and white, with a vintage-y feel (read: florals and patterns!) so when I saw these I thought they were perfect.  Unfortunately I've had to leave them at uni as I won't be able to take them back on the train :(.  
I had all my make up in my Benefit Gabbi bag and a B&Q metal fold out tool box (no kidding..) but it got into crazytown and there was make up everywhere, so I needed a new sorting system!  Each drawer has a different theme (face, pencils, lips, eyes) and it surprisingly all fit in.  The drawers are like a really thick cardboard, so for £14.99 on offer I thought they were cheap and resilient, perfecto!

I also bought the 'shoebox' from the range, but being me, forgot to photograph it before I came home.  However, it's filled with everyday cosmetic essentials next to my bed, like face wipes, moisturisers, nail polish remover, etc. and that cost me £7.99 on offer.

I absolutely love the new set up I've got going, it's organised and stylish, which is something that's hard to come by when you've got a bedroom as small as mine!


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