Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Clarins Skin Spa

I was a very lucky lady this week, not only did I get go spend a lovely relaxed week with my boyfriend, but also got spoiled with a complimentary treatment at the Clarins Skin Spa! Of course, an offer of a complimentary facial was an offer I could not refuse!  I'm not sure if I've outlined before, but my skin is typical combination skin; I have a super oily forehead, nose and chin, with dry cheeks that are prone to acne.  Not the most attractive, nor particularly easy-to-manage skin!  My consultant was the lovely Olivia, who was knowledgeable, pleasant and gave an incredible massage ;).

My treatment consisted of first a consultation about my skin type and the programme of treatments I was going to have; then the exciting bit started!  I was told to remove jewellery and garments to my waist (but to keep my underwear on) so she could access my shoulders, neck and arms, and to get in the 'bed' they have.  I was given a cooling eye compress whilst she cleansed my hands and feet with warm towels, and I was then given an alternation of facial masks and treatments, with a massage.  The intention with my face was to draw out any impurities and clarify my skin, and the massaging would drain the toxins, reduce puffiness and drain the lymph nodes too.  Whilst my face was being treated, I was also given exfoliation to my hands and feet, along with massages to my head, my neck and shoulders, my hands and arms, and feet.  It was genuinely the most wonderful experience I've had!  Headaches/tensions just drifted away; I even began to slip consciousness near the end I was so relaxed.  I can genuinely say I was, and still am, hugely impressed.

I'm not completely certain of the products that were used, since there were so many!  But there were cleansers, masks, oils, exfoliators, moisturisers... and coupled with a lovely lady who can really work a massage it's to die for.  There's definitely something really special about the Clarins Spa treatments; there's a magical connection between the client, the products and the consultant.  As a client, your senses come alive with the use of touch and smell that you experience.  Lots of the products used are warmed up, which not only makes them feel amazing when applied to your skin, but it also brings the essential oils alive.  The consultant is an expert, of course, in knowing how to use the products in certain ways to enhance your experience as a client.  The mixture of the feeling of the products, the massaging and the smells was incredible, and something I've never experienced before.  And I loved it!

What's also seriously lovely is that you get a little bag of sample products to take home and try.  It's almost like the caring side of the Spa doesn't just stop when you leave.  Here's what I received:

Apologies for the battered boxes, I told you my suitcase was crammed!

All the products are trial size

I also should say that Olivia informed me that any spots I may have coming would be brought out.. I didn't realise this would be within a few hours!  But since they've erupted (what a disgusting word!) my cheeks are looking a lot clearer and healthier.. as for the rest of my face?  It's clear, healthy and glowing.  I'm starting to think that maybe I should start investing in seriously intensive skin care in addition to my daily routine, because 1) there's nothing like getting pampered, and 2) my skin looks so much better for it!

I'd highly, highly recommend the Clarins Skin Spa; everything was just wonderful.  It's worth every penny.. although my treatment was complimentary, I would genuinely pay for the relaxation, pampering and for my skin to look this good on a regular basis!



  1. Ohh, it was. Totally recommend it! xx

  2. It sounds sooo good! I'd love to get pampered like that myself! :) x

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely treatment (I love Clarins). Great review x

  4. I'd never really used Clarins before, apart from the eye make up remover, so it was both interesting and a treat! But thank you so much :) xx