Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day bedlam at Boots

I hope you've all had a fantabulous Christmas and been enjoying your presumably beauty-related gifts!  I can certainly say I've been spoiled by the fam and the boyfriend, so I've felt very lucky *blush!  I was in two minds about spending several hours cooped up in my local Boots (quite a small, but well stocked branch outside Manchester) with loads of crazies.  My mother was adamant we were going, so after turning down a local Boxing Day walk (yes, that's the kind of area I live in) I thought 'may as well' nip to Boots to see what they had on offer.  I took £30 of Christmas money.  Boy, did I under-estimate my own enthusiasm, and learnt that in a 'buy or lose it' situation with beauty gift sets, I also become a crazy.  Ohh.. So £95.99 later, a gorgeous birthday present for my boyfriend (which is in April..) and a perfume set sold on to my sister after a re-think, this is what I ended up with..

Phew.  So all together the gift sets I purchased were:

NB: Those without links have disappeared off the website!

Realistically there was so much more I could've bought but thought I shouldn't spend any more!  I think if you're planning to shop Boots' sale either go today or first thing tomorrow, as there's certainly not going to be anything left!  I'm really pleased with the bits I've picked up and can't wait to gradually use them throughout the year (the haul was to cheaply stock myself up for most of 2012!) and I'll be writing reviews for the products as I use them.  For me, the sale wasn't about picking up bargains, hence why I asos shopped pre-Christmas for some bits (River Island sweater and cardigan, and an asos blouse), but getting ready for spending less in 2012.. hopefully!

I've got another post or so to write before Thursday, as I'm jetting (read: Virgin Train..) off to London for New Year to see my boyfriend, woohoo!  So hopefully I'll manage to get them up in time to wish you all a wonderful start to 2012!

Big Christmassy love,

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  1. well done you, brave girl!! :)
    I couldn't face the craziness myself and surely missed on some serious savings... Oh well, I might still pick something up on the website. Xx

  2. I normally can't stand sales because of the craziness either, but I just grabbed what I liked and popped it in my basket! I'm not sure what's left on the website, but it's definitely worth a look for some great bargains! xx

  3. Great haul! I got a Boots giftcard so may find myself there tomorrow x

  4. Treat yourself ;) if they've got any perfume gift sets left, they're wonderful value! xx