Friday, 16 December 2011

Just dropping in..

To say I haven't forgotten about you!  I know that sounds like a cheesy card slogan, but I'm afraid it's also true..

But, I do have some exciting news ;) The boyfriend went into the city today to find me a Christmas present, which was ridiculously last minute, especially since he needs to give it me tomorrow so I have it on the day.  So I thought I would utilise the opportunity!  Off he went to Boots to buy me their gift of the week: click here is you haven't seen it yet.

I've never used Soap & Glory products before, which I know is probably seen as crime by most of you.. But I guess I just never got round to purchasing, although the vintage-y look is so 'me'.  So, I've packed the travel bag it all comes in with all of the ten products, which is an insane amount for £25!  I wholly intend to give these a full trial over the month I'm at home, and will write a review of all the products, and let you know if I will repurchase any!

Here is just a quick look before I do any proper reviews; I just had to show you this!  I'm a huge lover of bows, and when I saw this I just squealed!!  So cute :).

I hope your week hasn't been as destroying as mine as!  Have any of you managed to get hold of the Soap & Glory set?


Ps.. Have you all been watching This Is England '88?  I'm a huge fan of the film and the last series, so I finally got to watch the new series today on 4od.. I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears!!

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