Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Round Up #5

Happy Sunday!  This week's been crazy as usual.  We've come to the Easter break now, which seems like it's much later than other unis - or so my Facebook newsfeed has been telling me for the past 2 weeks, with everyone else boasting about Easter relaxation!  Unfortunately my break will be less relaxation and more work, work, work.  I've got two huge projects to be getting on with and a week of work experience jammed in the middle.  No rest for the wicked, isn't that what they say!?  Even so, I'm feeling optimistic about everything.

I've had quite an exciting beauty week as I've been trialling some new products.  Both are for the face, but do completely different things, so I'll be sure to update on them in the coming weeks.  I've got a feeling that I'm in love with both of them, which is a rarity for me.  Maybe that's why I'm so excited...  I've also been enjoying a glorious (fake) tan this week whilst out with friends; the results are very impressive so I'll definitely be writing about that too.  

My hair on the other hand, despite my best efforts, is beginning to look a little frazzled.  I've been warding off split ends with a potent mixture of products, but heat and environmental damage always catches up with you, unfortunately.  I'm travelling back to Manchester tomorrow morning, so as I've already been given direction from my sister that I'll be cutting her hair at the first available opportunity, she can trim my ends for me as well!

The only sad part about breaks from uni is having to leave my boyfriend. :( He travelled home this morning, and there's a chance I won't see him for two weeks - it isn't very long, but it's always difficult when you live with someone!  As my Dad will be arriving with the dawn tomorrow (only kidding, but I'm on student time, so it feels like dawn) I better start packing...!

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