Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Get Readin' These Blogs!

As a blogger, it's clear that I'm a blog-lover.  I follow lots on GFC, bloglovin' and HelloCotton - all of which you can follow me on, by the way ;).  There are a few blogs which I really do love though.  The kind of blogs where as soon as a new post is written, I'm reading it.  I'd recommend all of these:

Sophie is Made Up

The Vagenda
(My most favourite blog, EVER. How did I forget to add it on!?)

Happy reading!
P.S: This has become a permanent feature as my Blogroll tab!  Keep checking it for updates!


  1. Thank you so much for this, how lovely! I've just found your blog for the first time and I think it's great! 

    Mona X

  2. Aww thanks. And you're welcome, I love reading your blog - it's thoroughly entertaining!

  3. Thank you for recommending some fab blogs, yous is also really lovley and am now following x 

  4. Hey, cute post! Just stumbled upon your blog and am now your newest follower! Please check out my blog and follow if you like what you see :)