Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hairy Face No More!

Apologies for being MIA recently, uni work has been taking over my life (as it rightly should!), which has meant I've been pretty absent when it comes to my blog.  Anyway, when I popped home over Easter I saw this little contraption amongst my sister's beauty collection, wondered what on earth it was, and when she told me it was her bargain price epilator, I thought it was a joke.

It wasn't a joke.  This is another crazy little item all the way from Japan, where I think I can realistically say, anything cool comes from.  For £1.99 I wasn't expecting much, but it actually does do the job reasonably well.  I think the 62 reviews of 4.5 stars on is testament to that statement.

The majority of girls have some sort of hair on their face.  I, for one, have what I endearingly call 'peach fuzz'.  Most of the time I really couldn't give a rat's ass whether it's there or not, because I can't see it and it presumably serves some function - keeping my face warm?  I dunno.  Either way, when my sister presented this contraption to me (of which she has mastered, by the way), I suggested she 'do my face' to see whether it worked and if I was impressed.  I'm not gonna lie; it hurt.  Like little stings and prickles, and apparently I even have hair near my eyes... ouch!  But my god, my face felt so smooth afterwards - which is quite a weird sensation!  I think it picks up most hair, but not all.  So it's not exactly a professional job, but for £1.99 you can do it every day if you fancy.  I'm sure there wouldn't be much left eventually!

I decided that for the price I couldn't really go wrong, so bought my own.  It arrived quickly and well packaged, which is impressive.  I've not quite got round to using it yet, since like I said, I'm not too bothered about face hair.  But if I am, I've got my 'hairy face no more!' contraption.  It seems pretty simple - hold the handles, make a U-shape, gently push it against your skin and twist so it rolls upwards.

If you want to read a much more enlightening piece on hairy girls, click here.

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