Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Skinny Dip-ping

This maybe doesn't do the colour much justice...

We should clearly all be thankful for Debenhams Beauty Card when, after umpteen beauty splurges, we're rewarded with a gem of £10 off.  These offers only last for something like 6 months on the card, and since mine was patiently waiting for my trip to the city and a decision to be made, I've only just used it.  I really wanted either MAC Hue or Shy Girl; aggravated by my local Debenhams' lack of a MAC counter (WHY!?), I settled for Benefit.  After deliberation and some testing (the lovely counter staff complimented my 'lovely full lip' ;)!) I agreed 'Skinny Dip' was a good choice (link here).

After a few days of use, I'm actually quite impressed with this lipstick.  It's a lovely combination between a lipstick and a gloss; more of a sheer formula, but feels creamy and moisturising.  As you can imagine, it's not hugely pigmented, but enough to colour the lip a few shades.  It also doesn't last a very long time, but it feels nice on and isn't drying.  I might repurchase, but I'm not yet sure how long the reasonably sized tube will last, and whether I could get a similar product for less in Boots or Superdrug..  But with my voucher, this only cost me £4, so I'm pleased!



  1. Replies
    1. Buy ;) it's my go-to lipstick on a daily basis now. With it being sheer, it's very wearable xx

  2. Oh I know where my bday pennies are going then :)

    Ashlie x