Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hand it to Me!

Another essay has been handed in, which means I've been shockingly busy this past week - so much so, I woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was still Friday, because my weekend went so fast!  This also meant I've has quite a few lazy beauty days; apart from cleansing and moisturising, I've rarely worn make-up.. but one product I have been using daily is my Soap & Glory Hand Food.  This was purchased as part of my Big Splendour gift set, and the only item in the whole bag, apart from the foot cream, that I brought back to uni with me.

With claims it's 'the most astonishing hand cream ever', I just thought 'really?'.  I've never been big on hand creams, with all the body moisturising I do, my hands always seem soft!  But I have owned a few, and this one is on another level.  Firstly, the smell.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  I think it's the same scent as their 'Mist You Madly' body spray; I end up sniffing my hands until it's worn off.  And secondly, it does what it says on the tube.  Soaks in very fast, doesn't leave a residue and hands feel silky soft afterwards.  I use this every night as part of my bedtime routine, and my hands don't show a single spot of dry skin, even round my cuticles!  This is one item I will definitely be re-buying, and at £5 for 125ml, this is very good value for money, since you only need a little blob at a time.


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