Saturday, 4 February 2012

'Dot on cheeks and blend'

Topshop's cream blushes are a popular product from their make-up range, which for a high street brand known  for its eccentric fashion taste, is quite impressive.  The prices aren't extortionate and the quality is good; the packaging is cute.  What more could we ask for?

Cream blushes aren't so easy to come by; everyone seems to stock powder on the high street.  Topshop's 'Head Over Heels' was a firm fave until they discontinued it (but apparently, the website is still stocking it here..?), but 'Neon Rose' seems to actually be a lovely blend of peachy/pinky goodness without being quite so neon as the name suggests.. The colour is highly pigmented, and when blended it gives a really nice buff to cheeks, without being too bright, as well as having some impressive staying power.  With student discount this was only £5.40; overall, very good value for money.


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