Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dove Express Treatments

Intensive Repair Express Treatment (link)
Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment (link)

I love Dove haircare, always have and always will do!  I thought I'd try out their new intensive conditioners.  Whilst they act like deep conditioning hair masks, they only need to be applied for 1 minute to produce results.  The main difference between these two is the 'Nourishing Oil Care' unsurprisingly, contains oils.  The product doesn't state specifically which oils, and with chemical names for oils on the ingredients list it's not clear there either! (After some googling I found there's coconut oil in there..)  When you squeeze the product out, there's the 'gold stripe' of 'nutri-oils' which work to leave hair feeling gorgeous, manageable and silky.  I use a shower comb to distribute the conditioner throughout my hair, which means every strand feels and smells amazing.

The Intensive Repair version did leave my hair a little bit softer than if I'd used the normal conditioner, but personally I didn't see a massive difference.  There's no fancy stripes, the treatment is just white and looks quite a lot like the normal conditioner.  And the normal conditioner is cheaper, so I'd probably buy that one instead!

These Express Treatments can be used with every wash, although with only 180ml of product, if you wash everyday, it's not going to go far. So, as you can see, I'm a little torn on these Express Treatments.  The Nourishing Oil Care in particular is a very good product and I will be repurchasing when I've run out!



  1. I love both of them, I use Dove hair products every day and they are great x

  2. I need to get myself an intensive conditioner, have not tried Dove before so might give it a go

  3. I agree, I use Dove products every day as well - you can't beat them! xx

  4. I'd definitely recommend the Oil one - they're usually cheaper at Asda too if you have one near by! :) xx