Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Winter wonderland?

I think not!

It's not news that winter weather takes its toll on our skin; the harsh temperatures and biting winds seem to affect our skin under layers of clothing, which means our exposed face and hands are especially damaged.  For some reason I've noticed my skin has become particularly upset this winter; it's not been worse than others, since last year for me was snow-covered for weeks!  Maybe my skin has been reflecting my mood too?  I can't say being tight as a knot with stress has been good for my mind, and I'm a firm believer that mind and body are more intrinsically linked than people realise.  Either way, my unhealthy mind and the 'fresh' weather (yes, that's what we say up North when the rest of the country is thinking 'freeezing'!) has ruined my face.  My lips were the first to go..  In autumn I faced dry lips; as winter approached I faced mild chapped lips and by Christmas they had split at both sides of my mouth.  Agony.

I used to swear by Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm in original, but at £3.70ish I cannot justify it since I go through a tube in no time!  Chapsticks aren't my friend, they do nothing.  Carmex, as much as I love it, didn't do much either.  Vaseline is a no-go for me since it doesn't help at all.  My new favourite is Blistex Intensive Repair, and at Asda right now it's on offer for £1.79.  Bargain!

Now this stuff really is the bees knees!  It's quite thick and creamy, but frankly I couldn't give a toss about having white-tinted lips if it means they're protected and feeling healthy.  Thanks to this my lips are becoming normal once again!  This magical lip moisturiser is so much better than a 'lip balm', the difference being that this is a moisturiser.  It's packed with shea butter to moisturise, camphor to sooth them, and then allantion to protect the skin.  It works on so many levels, from repairing lips to protecting them; in my opinion this beats a balm any day.  I've also been using a Superdrug's Lip & Cold Sore Cream which heals everything, and compliments Blistex Intensive Moisturiser really well, but unfortunately it was my Dad's so I couldn't bring it with me!  I will try and pick up a tube when I'm next in the city, but for now I can't link it as it's not on their website.  Prepare for another lip product review..


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