Monday, 16 January 2012

Catching up..

This week has been incredibly hectic.  I've never had to write so many words in one essay, nor stressed over an essay so much.  I've barely eaten what can be considered a meal in days (apparently Mini Cheddars, pears and chocolate digestives don't count?) and generally been a crazy lady.  I've not done my hair, worn make-up or put my contact lenses in.  It's amazing how being stressed and busy can turn someone into a hermit so quickly!  I even went a little nuts and ordered every single damn book of the Sookie Stackhouse series (that's 1 to 11..) by Charlaine Harris, as I decided half way through panicking over my work that I needed every single one.  This is not to mention that I've got 1-3 on my Kindle and my best friend lend me 4-8.. and I read 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in four-and-a-bit days whilst writing thousands of words for uni.  Like I said, turned crazy.

So tonight is all about relaxing, Yankee Candles and maybe even a face mask.  Oh, and my reading for tomorrow's three hour seminar, of course!  Wonderful!

1,  Dinner?..  2, A puzzle box that's baffling me  3,  Black Cherry, Christmas Cookie and a load of Sookie Stackhouse .

And to add to the beginning of a stressful week my face is sore and red.  Moisturiser should not sting, right!? Dear, oh dear..


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