Sunday, 22 January 2012

Beauty Sleep

We're all told that beauty sleep is essential for our bodies; whether it's babies growing, children sleeping away illnesses or adults simply retiring to bed after a stressful day to reinvigorate.  Either way, sleep is something we need.  Since our bodies are busy repairing themselves whilst we're away in the land of nod, I've noticed there isn't as much insistence that we use beauty products whilst we're there.  The amounts of 'day' products companies produce that're paraded all over our lives in adverts telling us we definitely need them far outweigh the 'night' products.  I wondered if this is just because the 'day' products are the ones other people can see the effects of.. or maybe it's because so many people simply aren't bothered about their skin whilst they sleep.  Some products have taken the cosmetic world by storm, such as Estee Lauder's Night Repair Serum because it's simply amazing; but I wondered, is it also because there's a lack of serious rivals?

Recently I've been prescribed a new cream to tackle acne on my cheeks; I used it a few times and before I knew it, the delicate skin around my eyes and mouth were dry, red and so incredibly sore.  I panicked, borrowed Mum's Estee Lauder serum and hoped for the best.  I've used my prescribed cream again at uni, the same thing has happened around my eyes (I didn't even put it there, I can't explain why!).  I tried moisturiser and Sudocrem to no avail; I was plastering on the moisturiser, applying my make-up for the day and suffering with stinging skin, and a red so vivid it glared through my foundation.  Serious action needed to be taken!  Whilst in Asda I checked out the cosmetics aisle and spotted Nivea's Rich Regenerating Night Cream for dry and sensitive skin.  I thought "perfect" and picked up a pot for £3.98.

I love the whole feel of the product.  A glass jar, a foil under the lid and a massive 50g of product.  It screams quality; maybe not high end(!), but certainly a better feel than most plastic tubs with a measly amount in.  The cream itself is thick; it does leave an oily texture on top of my skin, but hasn't caused any breakouts, so I couldn't really care.  There's the single reason for me, however, why it should only be used at night; it just isn't made for daytime!  The result, however, has been wonderfully soft skin in the morning; after two nights of use, my awful eye problem had also completely disappeared.  I now apply this every night without fail, especially around my eyes.  My skin is looking better and feeling better; it's softer and smoother, and interestingly, these changes only started once I'd begun using this cream.  I also love the fact it's so cheap; it proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a good quality beauty product; I'd definitely recommend it for those who aren't too fussed about expensive night treatments, since it's not going to break the bank!

I really do wonder how important our sleep 'routine' is.  Night creams are more essential than we probably ever realise; feeding skin whilst it's repairing just seems so.. logical.  Now I chide myself for not doing it sooner.. sorry face!


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