Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trash or Treasure?

I love empties posts!  It's one thing having a list of things you've purchased, but when you've actually used them up your opinion of them is so much more important.  And of course, whether you'll repurchase them too - hence treasure, or trash.

Tresemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray - I love Tresemmé hairspray, maybe it's the size of the can and value for money when Boots have it on offer, but I always repurchase.  I always find their hairspray delivers too.  Sometimes my hair can get a bit over-coated in the product, especially after a night out, but I'd rather have firmly held hair whilst on the tiles than a cavegirl-esque barnet!  This was the first time I'd bought Ultimate Hold, and found it quite similar to the other 'strong' hold ones.  So yes, I'll repurchase, but if they don't have this specific one in stock, I won't worry too much about buying an alternative!

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo - These bottles don't seem to last me very long which is frustrating.  I don't think the shampoo does anything incredible, but my hair both smells and feels nice after using it, so if it's on offer I wouldn't say no to buying more.  The conditioner, on the other hand, I love.

Clean & Clear Truly Gentle Facial Wash - I bought this ages ago and thought it was time to use it up, so apologies for the bottle looking horrid!  It's very gentle, with the gel wash having no exfoliating particles.  I did find that it left my skin quite tight and dry, but it worked well with a facial brush since it lathers up just enough to wash properly with.  Without the facial brush I really struggled with it, as my face never felt clean enough.  I won't repurchase, because I don't think it works well enough for me - I need more hydration.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser - I really like this moisturiser.  It doesn't stop my oiliness, but the salicylic acid really helps to unclog pores and keep skin looking clearer.  Being a cream I also found it quite moisturising, although maybe not hydrating enough for my skin.  As you can see, I cut the tube open to use it all up, I liked it that much.  I'll repurchase again, but it just bugs me that I need to use a primer with it too.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser - Love this stuff!  You only have to look at my Twitter photos to see I purchased about eight of these when they were on sale in Asda.  I use it every night before bed, and sometimes during the day if my lips are really dry.  Fixes everything!

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm - This isn't as good as the Blistex for me, and the price comparison between them isn't great.  I do like it, but I'd prefer to use Blistex Intensive any time, as I don't think Carmex is hydrating enough for my lips.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - I love this stuff.  I will definitely be repurchasing when it's next on offer!  My hair feels healthy without being coated in silicones after using it.  I also think this is one of the reasons my hair is beginning to grow, is healthy and the ends aren't splitting.

Blink Contacts Soothing Eye Drops - I discovered these last summer when my manager had laser eye surgery and the doctors prescribed these drops.  They are literally at the top of their game, you will never find better.  I get slight hayfever and my eyes become dry, so as a contacts wearer it becomes quite uncomfortable.  I've bought about 3 bottles of this so far - each lasts me a few months - and I've never looked back!  These drops made me realise how badly dry eyes affect vision.  I can now see properly, hurrah!

Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer - I enjoyed using this, although I'm not sure how much good it did for my acne.  I prefer to use a mattifying moisturiser now, instead of moisturiser then primer, to lessen the 'layering' under my foundation.  This primer does make a nice base for make-up, but I didn't see any real effect on spots.  As a gel, the consistency is quite light, applies easily and you don't need much either.  I probably won't repurchase.


  1. I love seeing empties posts particularly when people go to the effort of explaining the pros and cons of each now empty product! Great read xo


  2. Thank you for the lovely comment! xx