Monday, 14 May 2012

Get Scrubbing: Pulp Friction

When my sister began raving about Soap & Glory, I was pretty nonchalant.  So many brands are released on the high street, with many varying in quality, that I find it quite difficult to become excited by them.  When I finally got round to trying out Soap & Glory with the Big Splendour Christmas gift set, I finally began to get excited about the brand.  I absolutely adore everything from the packaging - the colours, images and names - to the smells of the products.  Smells are so important for me, so to really love skincare, it's got to smell appealing!  Pulp Friction, I should note here, smells different to the 'classic' Soap & Glory smell that everyone loves so much in Hand Food (blog), Clean On Me, The Righteous Butter, Mist You Madly, etc.

Soap & Glory really hits the nail on the head for me with Pulp Friction.  The scrub is one of the best, maybe even the best that I've ever tried.  It's a clay-style paste which, becoming slightly foamy with use, is so easy to spread it all over your limbs without needing to keep applying more - bonus!  The pumice, which I presume is the particles, is abrasive without dissolving, so you could probably over-scrub if you're not careful!  But it means that you can really buff your skin with the single application.  Of course, the harshness of the particles means it's not suitable for your face, since facial skin is so much more delicate.  But it's amazing for the rest of you!

I probably exfoliate more than I should because I just love, love, love the smell!  It's described as 'fruitigo' - citrus, woody and fruity.  My sister isn't keen on the scent, but for those of you who like 'Womanity', or a more heady fragrance, this is one for you.  It's deep, rich and addictive; my sister called it 'manly', since I guess the undertones are similar to masculine fragrances, but personally I love that depth.  And best of all I can smell it on my skin all day.  This is one I definitely will be purchasing again - I even prefer it over exfoliating gloves these days.  Maybe because it smells so good I could lick my own arms... But that's worth £8, right?

My Pulp Friction was part of my Big Splendour set, but I left it at home when I moved back to uni, so I've only just got round to using it!  After lots of scrubbing, I've still got half a tube left - a little goes a long way, and the tube is huge.


  1. Sounds great and I love the name :) I am a big Pulp Fiction fan :)

  2. Oooh i do love a good body scrub. I'm a fan of their flake away but after reading your review i'm desperate to check it out! Lovely blog btw, I'm your newest follower :) Kia x

  3. I love how inventive S&G get with their names, it makes beauty a little bit more fun :) xx

  4. I haven't tried flake away, but I've heard it's really good too... Not sure I can drag myself away from Pulp Friction's smell though, hehe. And thank you lovely! xx