Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Round Up #8

Just squeezing a quick Sunday Round Up in before it's Monday!

1.  UNI IS OVER.  £25k worse off, a wealth of knowledge gained.  This needs to be underlined around 30 times and in triple bold print for the importance it holds for me.  I now have to find a proper job.  NO!

2.  This week's been very strange, it's hard reverting to 'doing nothing' after being on the edge of 'super stressed' since September.  This is literally the first time I've had no work to do since my final year began... no holidays, no time off.  Life is feeling strange; good, but strange.  So I've spent most of the week trying out some new make-up and skincare products.

3.  I also bought two aztec print vests from the New Look sale (one is in the photo).  For the both of them it was only £8 - love sales!  I'm just gutted I left my NL gift card at home with £2 on it.  Go to NL, the sale is impressive.  Lots of summer pieces I noticed, which I found odd.  Are NL predicting that summer is already over?

4.  I arrived back at uni this evening from a whirlwind few days in London.  For my boyfriend's birthday I bought him (read: us) tickets to the Royal Philaharmonic Orchestra's Film Gala at the Royal Albert Hall.  All very royal.  It was an amazing evening!  I'd recommend going if you like that sort of stuff.  It's just made me miss playing music SO MUCH.  We also popped to the cinema to see 'American Reunion' with my boyfriend's best friend this afternoon.  It was nice to chill out and laugh - although my lovely boyfriend kept telling me off for laughing too loudly in the cinema.  What!?  It's a comedy!  I can't help having a hearty laugh.

5.  'Once Upon A Time' is my TV programme of the week.  Loving it.  I'm addicted.

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