Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer Essentials: Holiday Hair Saviours

My, oh my.  I've been a very lazy blogger these past few weeks - my apologies!  Life has most certainly taken over; I've also been to Greece for a week, so I guess I have an excuse for some of the time...  Holidays for me, typically, end up with me piling loads of stuff into the cases the day before, and arriving only to realise I've missed something I really needed - one year it was my glasses, and my sight is horrific, another it was pyjamas... So this year saw me using an excel spreadsheet to plan my whole luggage.  I forgot nothing!

My hair gets dry so quickly that I made sure I packed powerful products to keep it healthy, plus, hair hates humidity and damage - I had a Monica from Friends moment on day one, and spent the rest of the holiday with an up-do. :(  However, my saving grace was my pre-packed holiday hair saviours.

Aussie's Miracle Moist shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner provided a solid hair care base, since I needed to wash my hair every evening.  The combination of these two left my hair moisturised and soft, whilst washing away all the chlorine, salt and sand.  Every couple of days I'd also use the Lee Stafford Growth Treatment (blogged about here!), which replenishes vital nutrients in the hair.  This seriously helped keep it in good condition!

I'd also slather a load of Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner all over before I left for the day, after I'd washed my barnet, and at any other point I could fit it in.  It's lightweight spray, so it ensured my hair was continually being invisibly moisturised, no matter what activity I was doing!  I also sprayed through Charles Worthington Heat Defence Spray as it contains UV filters - my hair colour certainly hasn't faded, so it must have worked well.  Lastly, don't forget to apply some sun block to your scalp.  I blob it on my parting and around my hairline, as burning these bits which never normally see the sun, hurts like hell.  And then it flakes off.  Nice!

My (rather easy) hair care routine meant that I've come back with hair that's healthier than I went with.  Typical!

It's clear that I took as many miniatures away as I could, and for some reason, Boots.com doesn't show the mini versions online - sorry!


  1. loved this! I'll be taking the exact same products I think, I love the lee stafford one and Aussie in general, and I need  UV protection spray too!x

  2. ooo this is really helpful i keep trying to decide what hair products to take and cant make up my mind! hope you had a good holiday x


  3. Thanks, I did! And it's always difficult trying to decide, I guess just think about the things you need your hair care to do, then pick the best of the bunch! :) xx

  4. Thanks :) The Aussie stuff really saved my hair! The UV protection is quite difficult to find in hair care, I don't know of many products that do it! xx