Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday: Road Runner

Everything I need for a run.

Most Sundays bring a bit of a ramble post on The Beauty Stash.  A few times recently I've mentioned my intention to be healthier, and the past couple of weeks have seen me exercising daily - no kidding!

As a complete and utter novice, running has been hard.  Getting form, breathing and momentum right when you're too unfit to actually do the running takes the whole task into the ridiculous; but I've stuck with it.  I tend to go at night when it's beginning to get dark, so I can run around with minimal viewers, although with my iPod blaring out top tunes it's not like I'd notice them anyway!  I'm still taking fish oil supplements daily to try and help my joints (I have really bad knees!), but often I have to stop running or have a day off with the pain, which is very frustrating.  I don't think road running helps too much, since the hard surface means greater impact upon knees, but running on my local fields ends up a game of 'dodge the hole'... Breaking an ankle would hurt more!  Aside from the running, I've been keeping up with the hula hooping too.  I've still got bruises around my hips, but once I've stuck the music channels on and get twirling, my attention's elsewhere, so I don't notice them.

Outside Beauty, Inside Health wrote a great post about 'Fitspiration not Thinspiration' this week; the image stating 'Sweat Once A Day' is a rule I live by now.  There's nothing better than an increased heart rate and sweating to ensure your heart stays healthy!

Do any of you run?  Do you have any tips for beginners!?


  1. I wish I had the motivation to run. I've started going to Zumba class twice a week and I've restarted the thirty day shred and I'm really enjoying it at the moment!


  2. Good luck with your running. I try to go as often as I can but have missed out quite a bit this week. You have given me the inspiration to get back on it tomorrow.

  3. Thank you! And good luck :) xx