Friday, 22 June 2012

Thierry Mugler's 'Womanity' *Debenhams Special Offer!*

Purchased at the Manchester Debenhams for £25.02.  Offer not showing online.

I mentioned a while ago that I really, really wanted this fragrance.  It's everything I want in a perfume, and I find it really addictive.  So, when I was in the Manchester branch of Debenhams and my best friend pointed to the gift set on offer, I couldn't say "no".  And bought two.

The gift set includes a 50ml bottle of EDP (normally £50 rrp alone), 100ml of body lotion and the cutest, substantial gift bag I've ever received in a set.  All of this was £25.02, reduced from £50.04.  With both purchases, it basically equates to buying 100ml of EDP for the price of one 50ml bottle, so I'm absolutely smitten!  Not to mention the fact that the bottles themselves are refillable, meaning that when I've used them up, I don't need to pay top whack for another (as refills are, of course, cheaper) - unless I find another bargain gift set!

I'm not sure if all Debenhams are running this offer, as it's not showing online, so you'll have to run to your nearest branch to see.  Either way, the Manchester store had a huge tabled piled up with them.  It took all my strength to only buy two...
Don't miss this bargain if you love it like I do!

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