Saturday, 15 October 2011

Have You Been 'Tickled Pink'?

Since October is national breast cancer awareness month it's always nice to see that little extra effort from companies to do their bit. Asda in particular is one which constantly impresses me with their generosity; most companies run charity weekends (or so) to get the public to donate into buckets, but I think it's a real step forward for companies to take initiative to give a little from our purchases. Even if it's only 10p from every sale of a 'tickled pink' item, it's better than nothing at all.

Last week I got a great deal at Asda from their 'seasonal aisle' - I'm not sure how seasonal shampoo and conditioner is, but there you go! I managed to grab a couple of the vo5 'Nourish Me Truly' in great 500ml bottles for just £2! Word on the internet is that they were further reduced to £1, but sadly living in a city means my local store has completely sold out. :(

After using the shampoo/conditioner I found it:
- has a really gorgeous smell (fruity! and stayed in my hair)
- doesn't feel too weighty
- left my hair feeling lovely and smooth
- gave some shine
- NO dry ends today!!

All in all, I really like these sets. I'm not sure how nourishing they are compared to a hair mask, but they do contain lots of natural oils (grapeseed, argon..). They also claim to be 'adaptive' to hair; I'm not sure I'm sold on that yet! But if they leave me with healthy hair I'm sold on that basis alone!


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